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Being involved in an accident can be a traumatic experience. Here at Doran, Beam & Farrell it is our focus to help you through this difficult process and handle everything for you so you can focus on getting better. At the end of each case, our goal is to ensure that all of your medical bills are paid and that you walk out with more money than your attorney!


Our office is staffed with experienced professionals that will work tirelessly to get you the best recovery out there. We provide personal service to each of our clients. Our attorneys act aggressively to pursue your claim and will do what it takes, including filing a lawsuit. If your case gets into litigation, we will continue to represent you through the entire process and  you will not be shipped out to another firm like you may with some of our competitors.


Auto Accident Attorneys

Our team of auto accident lawyers will examine the facts of your auto accident case in order to determine whether your potential damage claim is valid and guide you through your next steps back to health and achieving reliable transportation again.


Why Large Truck Accidents Differ From Auto Accidents


A semi-trailer is a gigantic piece of machinery that can be more than 70 feet long and weigh up to 40 tons. If that big rig impacts with a passenger car at 45 or 50 miles per hour, the passenger car is going to be pulverized. These types of crashes take on different dimensions than ordinary auto accidents. Here's what makes them so different.


First Steps to Take After a Car Accident


Auto accidents in Pasco County, Fl happen every day.  Even if you aren't to blame, many inconveniences come along with them, especially if you get injured. While no one leaves the house thinking they might get into an automobile or motorcycle accident, there are no guarantees. Knowing the first steps to take after a car accident will help protect you.


After an accident, people experience a range of emotions from annoyance to utter distress. You'd be surprised how excited and angry people get over their automobiles. Our firms auto accident attorneys know what steps to take and will not only give you more confidence in the situation but will also help you make smarter decisions during the upheaval.


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Trucking Regulations

Many of the semi-trailers that you see on highways are engaged in interstate commerce. On that basis, they're required to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Administration and U.S. Department of Transportation. Because of the devastation these massive vehicles can cause, their owners and operators are subject to more extensive regulations than ordinary motorists. Regulations include, but aren't limited to maintenance and periodic inspections, commercial driver's licenses, hours of service rules, maintaining log books and even truck "black box" rules.



Due to the severe damage that a large truck can cause, the minimum insurance coverage that they're required to be covered with is exponentially higher than that of a passenger vehicle. Most big rig policies exceed $1 million of coverage.  When accidents occur, claims are assigned only to the insurers' top adjusters.  Their strategies are to attempt to shift some or all of the fault for the accident over onto victims in order to devalue or even deny claims in their entirety. If a crash was clearly the fault of the truck driver, and the victim hasn't retained a personal injury lawyer, a "top dollar" settlement offer might be made in order to induce the victim to go away early. Don't become a victim twice. Retain experienced Auto Accident Lawyers from the onset of your claim.


Severity of Injuries

Given the weight of a loaded 18-wheeler, the injuries suffered by survivors of crashes are typically far more severe than in an ordinary car accident.  Injuries commonly seen by Truck Accident Lawyers in truck accident cases include:

• Traumatic brain and spinal cord damage

• Multiple severe fractures

• Severe burns

• Amputations

• Damage to internal organs

• Damage to the structure of the spine


Greater Medical Expenses

The corollary to worse injuries is longer hospitalizations, surgical bills and costs of physical therapy and rehabilitation. Long periods of lost time from a victim's job also result. Increased medical expenses and lost time are two other reasons why tractor-trailers are required to carry much higher insurance coverage than passenger vehicles.


Economic and non-economic damages in these types of cases typically consist of medical bills, lost earnings or diminished earning capacity, any permanent disfigurement or disability, pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of a normal life. Don't try to represent yourself in a case against a truck driver or trucking company, and never give a statement of any kind to the opposing insurer without an attorney being present. The law doesn't require you to give that statement, and your own words will be used against you in the future in efforts to attack your credibility and devalue your claim. The opposing insurer will have you right where it wants you. You'll want to be represented by a seasoned and effective personal injury lawyer from the onset of your truck accident claim.


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